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Since Vedic period, cow was respected and considered as an abode of God and called Gomata. In many of ancient texts it was referred as Kamdhenu (desire fulfiller). However today its condition is very pitiable. Its utility is considered till it gives milk. When the cow stops giving milk, it is neglected and considered as a burden and sent to slaughter house.

The main objective of Go-Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra, Deolapar, Nagpur is to nurture, protect and take all careful measures for rearing the cows and highlight the importance of the cow & its progeny to modern civilization. Vermi-compost is produced on large scale and there is a good demand for this from farmers of various places. The bio-gas prepared from cattle-dung is utilized to generate electricity in case of electricity failure, so that the routine work at laboratory and at medicine section should not be hampered. It is used for cooking purposes also.

Gomutra Ark is one of the products regularly produced at Deolapar by distillation process. It is scientifically proved that Gomutra Ark is beneficial in urinary disorders, urine-stone, obesity, diseases of excretory system, skin diseases, Anemia, indigestion,Appetizer,Luxative,Leprosy,Pain,Piles,Eczema,Bronchitis,Constipation,Anorexia,Oedema,Mouth diseases ,Eye diseases,Dysmenorrhoea etc.[Ref.-Nighantu-ratnakar]. It is also proved that Ark prevents the growth of cancerous-cells in cancer patients. The Gomutra Ark has received US Patents. Panchgavya Ayurvedic Chikitsa is, now a days, attracting a great significance as far as Ayurvedic treatment is concerned. At Deolapar 37 different Ayurvedic formulations are prepaired which are regularly used in various types of diseases. The Institution has been successful in proving scientifically the utility of Panchgavya in agriculture, human health & animal health. The medicines prepared at Deolapar have the approval of Food & Drug Administration, Govt of Maharashtra. These medicines are prepared strictly in accordance with the norms set up by Food & Drug Administration.

The Indian cow is a subject of intense research, protection care and development. To fulfill this objective. One goshala consisting of 450 cows is maintained at Deolapar. Proper care of each cow is undertaken by experts. The majority of cows in goshala are non-milkng cows. The cow urine (Gomutra) and dung obtained from there are used in manure-preparation and Ayurvedic-medicine preparation, bio-gas plant etc.