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Efforts for Cow Protection

Hearing the term cow protection, people typically react in two ways. Some think protection is for endangered species and since there are billions of cows, it's better to concentrate on whales or the African elephant. Others think it may be some pageant worship of animals. The actual philosophical reason for cow protection is very simple: all entities deserve protection from slaughter and other violence at the hands of humans. Not only cows, all animals have souls the same as we do. They are all children of Krishna; all dear to Him.

5000 years ago Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, appeared on earth to protect His devotees and to demonstrate His pastimes. Among those pastimes was his childhood role as a cowherd boy. The cows were very dear to Him because of their affectionate and gentle nature as well as their contributions to human society. We should follow His example.

In practice the holiest principle of cow protection, surprisingly, is OX EMPLOYMENT.
There is a mistake made when only the cow is considered. Because typically, her main usefulness is seen as milk production, and she will not give milk unless she first has a calf. Half of the calves are bulls who will never produce milk. The expense of feeding the bulls will be a deficit to the farmer unless he realizes their potential for alternative energy by employing them in tilling the fields and hauling. Otherwise, the farmer, in most countries throughout the world acquires his economic profit by selling them for meat or directly to the slaughter house, the meat industry's feedlots, or to the veal industry . The cow is also sold for meat when she cannot produce the required quantity of milk. Regardless of milk production. the dung and urine of a cow or bull is valuable. Instead of slaughtering all bovines that do not produce milk, why not utilize their dung and urine in manures or compost as well as in making pest repellent, medicines, cleaning products, pancagavya. And biogas fuel to name a few useful and saleable items.

"Now, practically in India they accept it and it has been found by chemical examination that the cow dung contains antiseptic properties. The modern system of agriculture does not realize the alternative energy potential of the bull cart nor the vanity of useful bovine dung and urine products. Therefore, slaughtering becomes the only economically viable means of management. Most of the people accustomed to this view point and seeing no alternative, will throw up their hands and agree for it, even if they prefer a less violent solution. This is only because they don't have the facts. They don't know that the overall value of the ox is greater when it is utilized for work than when it’s slaughtered for meat, and even when not productive, a cow or ox produces useful urine and dung.
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