• Illegal slaughter of cattle
  • Latest modern sceintific research on A1 & A2 milk.
  • Workshops and Training Centre.
  • Check-up camps.
  • Experience of patients suffering from various chronic diseases.

Establishment of GVAK

The Go-Vigyan Anusnadhan Kendra assumed a role to assess and re-establish the scientific basis of eco-friendly productivity based on cow and its progeny practiced India successfully for centuries. A departure from this tradition following adopting western paradigm resulted Indian population confronting with the following calamities
  • More than 0.25 million farmers committed suicide in last 10 years.
  • Steep increase in barren Land up to 10-15% of cultivable land.
  • More than 0.2 million farmers / their children / neighbors, die or severely affected due to pesticide spraying.
  • The ground water level has gone down and 264 districts have come in dark zone.
  • Loss of biodiversity due to mechanized & chemical farming.
  • Global warming, ecological destruction, damages to ozone layer, green-house gases have occurred due to indiscriminate use of chemicals.
  • Almost every house hold has one or more patients suffering from environmentally influenced diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart troubles, renal failures, depression, cancer, asthma.
  1. Govt. is converting almost 0.7 million acres of fertile agriculture land into cement concrete jungles (i.e. Industry & Colonies) every year creating joblessness for millions of people.
  2. Only 1% of total expenditure is spent on development of agriculture.
  3. Multinationals command 50% of seed business.
  4. Ground water policy incompatible with agriculture water use
Cattle protection and their proper utility up to natural death will solve these grave problems faced by the society.
Cow dung and urine have now proved to be prime rich resource base which has been clearly said in ancient text "Gomaye Vaste Laxmi". Westerners adopted a different paradigm, namely "Doodhmaye Vaste Laxmi" implying that. the milk is the only valuable product from cow. This has given rise to the thought that if cow is not yielding milk, it is unproductive and fit for culling or Slaughter, This demonstrate their reductionist thought contrary to our ancient "Rishis" who propagated integrated and holistic practices based on Indigenous Traditional Knowledge commiserating with nature.

Foundation of GVAK

Go-Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra, Deolapar, Nagpur persistently endeavors to find solutions to above mentioned problems of the society. Shyamji Ballal was the organizing secretary of V.H.P. of Vidarbha state after 1987. He was very dynamic, dashing and dedicated, who developed keen interest in Cow Protection movement through constructive activities. Adarsha Go-Sewa Anusandhan Prakalp was started in Akola during 1993-94 with the divine blessing of Param Poojya Dongreji Maharaj and other saints. In this centre they started manufacturing Panchagavya based products/Medicines, such as ghanavati, ark, dhoop, soap tikiya, face-pack powder etc.

These products were displayed and sold in V.H.P. office, Dhantoli, Nagpur and received good acceptance from people. The experience prompted to produce Panchagavya products at Deolapar during 1994-95.
In the same year, they organized massive movement to stop mechanized slaughter house of "Al-Kabir" in Rudraram in Medhak district of A.P. incidentally Shyamji went inside this slaughter house during shift change and saw the horrific practices. After this heroic event, he wanted to eradicate deep-rooted problem of cattle-slaughtering. He planned to conduct studies and develop ways and means of utilization of cattle wealth, so that no one dare to sale them under the impression of non-usefulness.
State Unit of Vidarbha took note of this development and several seniors like Shri K. D. Tembhekarji, Baburaoji Raje, Mamasaheb Ghumerji, Khadakkarji, Parasharji, Sureshji Dhawle, Sanat Gupta, Pramod Joshi, Bhagwan Tahakik, Vasantraoji Pathak. Balasahebji Pande, joined hands to lay the Foundation of Go-Shala at Deolapar which was formally inaugurated on October 15, 1996 under the able guidance of Late Moropant Pingle the veteran RSS Pracharak. Lately kendra was headed by Dr.C.S.Kundle as its president till 2012. Presently Dr. Hemant Jambhekar is the president of GVAK.

GVAK organizes and motivates scientists working in allied fields of Research & Development through scientific seminars and conferences. Almost 40 premier Research Institutions of CSIR. ICAR, ICMR and NITs Universities are working in association with GVAK for research projects leading to cattle protection and development.