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Need of the time

Cow and its progeny are precious national property, heritage and resource base. The respect and worship that cows command in Indian Societies cannot be without the immense role they play in the well being of the communities.
The environment and productivity of cow and its progeny are established and accepted facts for over millennia. However those who planned road map of development of post independence India did not take a cognizance of this adequately. Therefore, it becomes essential to re-enlighten the society to re-establish the connection between cow and human sustainability with adequate scientific support.

With abundance of sunlight, the crops bear the fruits and seeds in the orient whereas a feeble growth occurs in the continent. Therefore, the vegetation in continent was never adequate to satisfy human hunger. Eating animals was, therefore, a compulsion in the West. The compulsion was propagated as culture. With intrusion of continentals over the globe, the illusory Western concept” Kill animals to fill human belly” became a style to copy. Needless to mention that copying seldom is thoughtful.

With hardly three centuries of agriculture, the European and Americans are confronted with failures in agriculture, thus, these civilizations have no standing to teach and propagate performance of same quantum. The Indian agriculture has a standing of millennia. It is imperative to understand the scientific basis of these time-tested technologies .Agricultural practices, imitative of America and Europe were unsustainable and, therefore, have caused heavy damage and abuse of resources in India and have adversely changed related parameters in alarming dimension and quantum.