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Cattle Breeds Of India

Hallikar (हल्लीकर)
It is among the best of the drought breeds In south India. Most of the present day south Indian breeds have originated from the Hallikar. Hallikar is typical Mysore breed cattle found mainly in Mysore, Mandy, Bangalore, Kolar, Tumkur Hassan and Chitradurga districts of Karnataka.
Punganor (पौगनुर)
This breed is short horned cattle found in Vayalpado. Madanapali and Palamaner talukas of Chilton, district of Andhra Pradesh.
Used for agricultural operations on light soils.
This breed is almost on the verge of extinction.
Malvi (मालवी)
Primarily draught breed, Miich type of cattle. It encompasses a large area comprising Indore, Dewas, Ujjain Shajapur, Mandsaur districts of M.P.
Malvi bollocks are known for quick transportation and able to carry heavy loads on rough roads.
Nagauri (नागौरी)
This , being reputed breed, is primarily reared for draught quality of its bullocks.
Home breed lies in the Navin district of Rajasthan in Western hulia and also in the adjoining Jodhpur district and Nokha district.
Its population is decreasing at a remarkable rate since the dense used for bullocks is decreasing.
Rathi (राठी)
This is important milch breed of cattle found in the western part of Rajasthan.
The home tract lies in the heart of Thar desert and includes Bikaner, Ganganagar and Jaisalmer district.
These animales are different from grey-white Hariana type animals called Rathi found in Alwar region of Rajasthan.