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Cattle Breeds Of India

Red Kandhari
This breed of cattle is found in Kanpur and Nanded district. some pockets of other districts like Ahmadpur, Parli & Hingoli tehsil of Latur district & Bid, Parbhani districts of Marathwada region.
Sahiwal (साहीवाल)
Synonyms- Lambl Bar, Lota, Multani, Montgomery, Teli.
This breed is one of the important dairy breeds of zabu cattle. Original breeding tract lies in Pakistan, but also found in Indo-Pak border in Ferozpur & Amritser(Punjab), Ganganagar(Rajasthan).
It is known to have been introduced into 17 other countries besides India & Pakistan.
Khari (खेरी,खेरीगड़, खैरी)
(Synonym Kheri, Kherimirh, Khari) This breed is closely allied to the Malvi breed & mostly Found in Lakimpur - Khen district of U.P. but some animals are also found in admining district. Population of this breed has decreased considerable over the last few years.
Shikari (मन्देशी,शिकारी)
(Synonyms Mandeshi, Shikari) This breed is known for the quick drought capabilities of its bullocks and it is found in Kolhapur, Solapur, Sangli and Satara districts of Maharashtra and Belgaum, Bijapur districts of Karnataka. This breed seems to have originated from Hallikar or Amrithmahal breed of cattle.
Krishna Valley (कृष्णा वैली)
(Synonym Krishna Valley) This breed being a heavy drought breed is used exclusively in the black cotton soil of the watershed of the River Krishna. Mainly found in Solapur, Sangli and Satara districts of Maharashtra and Bijapur districts of Karnataka.
Mewati (मेवाती)
This breed of cattle is synonymous with Kosi, Mehwati.
This breed is found in the tract known as Mewat, Comprising Alwar & Bharatpur districts of Rajsthan; Mathura, Kosi in Western U.p., Faridabad & Gurgaon districts of Haryana.
Ongole (औंगोले)
This breed belong to short-horned group zebus which were brought by Aryans in India more than 4000 years ago. Original stock from north-west to Indus river basin and future to Indo-Gangetic plains and towards south along Godavari, Krishna and Perunar basins. The Nallore or Ongole breed's hardiness disease resistance and its capacity to thrive on scantly and dry fodder have been successfully manoeuver exploited improving and upgrading the local stock of Europian origins.
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