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Superiority of Indian breed cow and its products

According to the Animal Laws in India, cows cannot be slaughtered. (See animal laws) Slaughtering cows is slaughtering the economy of the country. The practice of slaughter is extremely cruel and disaster for the community and its agriculture based economy. Originally in India. Milk was not the only most important product from the cattle. Cows and bulls were used in fields and their dung and urine were used to make compost, medicine and other health products. Only the little extra milk left from the cow after feeding her calf was used by the family who owned the cow. The cow was not considered a "milk producing machine".

What has gone wrong?

At present, the cows are reduced to production units of milk and meat (Biotech Milk Machine). A cow slaughter is more and more accepted and practiced in spite of it being illegal in India. Since 1950, fertilizers and pesticides were introduced in India mainly for commercial crops like cotton and chillies. Because of the abuse of the soil with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the soil has lost its fertility and, therefore, agriculture has become unprofitable for farmers.

Because of drought and unprofitable agriculture, the farmers are compelled to send their animals for slaughter. They go for cash crops from genetically modified seeds and one forced to use fertilizers and pesticides.

The government sponsored schemes for the welfare of the poor are promoting the cross breeds though artificial insemination of cows and buffaloes for higher milk production without meeting the other objectives of improving the conditions of local farmers through sustainable agriculture and organic farming and the use of all cow related products.This is thoughtless implementation of ill conceived developmental schemes.
Unfortunately the high yielding crossbreed cows/buffaloes are vulnerable to fertility problems and diseases. Invariably, they too end up in slaughter houses. The male calves from the cross breed cattle are useless for drought purpose. They are deprived of their mother's milk. Starved to death or they go for slaughter. Further the cow is injected with oxytocin to force increased yield of milk as fast as possible. Every milking results in labour pains, due to this drug, and the animal is traumatized.
There are also regularly pumped with vaccines, hormones, antibiotics and other drugs. Our aim is to restore the partnership between humans and cows. Our long-term objective is to put an end to all slaughter of COWS and cattle and to improve the conditions of local farmers through sustainable agriculture and organic farming and the use of all cow related products.