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Superiority of milk and milk products of Indigenous breed

Quality & Property of different product of cow
  1. Godugdha (Cow Milk)
  2. Godadhi ( Cow Curd)
  3. Goghruta (Cow Ghee)
  4. Gomutra (Cow Urine)
  5. Gomay ( Cow Dung)

Go Dugdha (Cow Milk)

Cow milk mentioned as best milk among all.
  • As per Ayurvedic classics , cow milk is useful in various diseases .Further, it increases vital energy & immune power of the person.
  • Chemical Composition wise, it is having fat, carbohydrate, minerals. calcium. Iron & vit B in right proportions.
  • Strontium-A from cow milk provide capacity for resist body against atomic radiation.
  • Cerebrosides are responsible to improve and regenerate the brain cells.

Go Dadhi (Cow Curd)

As per Ayurvedic classics it is good for health. Curd helping in controling cholesterol, it is helpful in treatment of cancer.

Go Ghrita (Cow Ghee)

Best among all kind of ghee.
  • As per Ayurvedic classics, it is useful in various kind of systemic, physical & mental disorders. It helps in sustaining the age for long time & maintains body biochemistry in its optimum level (means increases ojas).
  • Go ghrita also improves environment. When it is used in Yagnas; It improves the levels of oxygen & ozone gases in surrounding areas where Yagnas are performed.

Go Mutra (Cow Urine)

Total 8 types of urine are recommended for medicinal purposes among which cow urine is the best.Its attributes are:
  • Anti cancer, Anti bacterial, Anti fungal property are found in it.
  • It is also having anti-oxidant and immune-modulator properties, These are very useful for auto immune diseases which are increasing now a day.
  • In classics, there are so many references available where cow urine is mentioned as a drug of choice internally as well as external too .It is also having germicidal property and it might be the chief reason why Gomutra is used as a holy item on each and every occasion.

Gomay (Cow Dung)

Gomay is considered equally holy as Gomutra and it is used to purify environment. Its attributes include:-
  • Cow dung having anti-radiation property.
  • Various internal and external medicinal use of cow dung are seen in classics.