• Illegal slaughter of cattle
  • Latest modern sceintific research on A1 & A2 milk.
  • Workshops and Training Centre.
  • Check-up camps.
  • Experience of patients suffering from various chronic diseases.

Dimension of Utility of cow and its progeny

  1. Cow based organic farming Utilizing cow dung and cow urine as major source of soil nutrients (Kamdhenu Krishi) Organic pest repellent for pest control and Amrit Pani for soil health improvement.
  2. Panchagavya Ayurved Chikitsa for human beings. (U.S,Patent for Kamdhenu ark) Other valuable medicines for cure of Asthma. skin diseases, weakness, allergy, diabetes etc.
  3. Panchagvya Ayurved Chikitsa for veterinary applications. Kamdhenu ark to treat renal failure of animals.
  4. Source of renewable energy.
    • Dried cow dung as fuel.
    • Electricity from Bio-gas. Cooking fuel from Bio-gas, Lightweight, smooth run bullock cart (Draft power).
  5. Conservation of indigenous cattle breeds like Gir, Sahival, Tharparkar.
  6. Other daily products like - Dhoop, Mosquito repellent coil from cow dung.
    • Phenyl from cow urine.
    • Roofing sheets (Ceiling tiles 'Kavelu' )from cow dung and cement etc.
  7. Milk & Various milk products Superiority of indigenous breeds over others for milk and milk products.
  8. Use of skin and hide after natural death of animal. (Samadhi khad).
  9. Overall balancing of ecosystem, maintaining the pollution under very much control and protection to each living the ill effects of toxic chemicals.