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Introduction to cow based organic farming

Ancient Rishi-Munis have been mentors of our people since ages , who realized the importance of cow for economic well being of the country.Cow-based farming became our culture as the way of our thinking is in accordance with the nature. In nature, the existence of human beings. animals, birds, plants etc. is dependent on each other. However, unfortunately during last thousand years ,our life-style and our way of thinking have been completely influenced by the Mugals rulers and then by the Britishers. The cattle-based organic farming was our priority. After independence the importance was given to chemical & mechanized farming. farming. Now after 50-60 years.
We are experiencing the adverse effects of chemical farming and we are marching towards destruction. The evil effects of Chemical & Mechanised fanning in present situation. -
  1. The Agriculture production has been reduced by 20%.
  2. The water-Air-Soil Pollution have gone to such extent that the Director of Agricultural Research. Council (Advisor to Govt.) has to say that "The human life is danger due to excess use of chemical based technological advancement."
  3. Rivers, Wells, Lakes are becoming dry. About 55% of world-land has become barren.
  4. The Villagers are shifting to cities(Exodus from villages)
The Cattle-protection and organic farming is the only solution to all world-wide-problems. Therefore. It is requested to all farmers, Villagers to follow our ancient Cow based farming to maintain the Nature-Balance and save the world from disaster.

Chemical based technological advancement ushered the era of green revolution and in the process paid rich dividends in form of higher crop yields to feed the teeming millions. It has, however, come of age and over a period of time started exhibiting fissures in form of production plateau on one hand and negative cascading impact on environmental degradation on the other The myopic frame work of chemo-centre technology being oblivious of the ecosystem intricacies led to emergence of variety of problems, viz degradation of soil fertility, low yields. emergence of new pests/diseases, wiping out of friendly insect population and percolation of toxic chemicals into the food chain etc. which if not tackled pragmatically, would boomerang, eventually threatening the very existence of life on the biosphere.

In all the major spheres of human influence, sustain ability has emerged as the most appropriate paradigm of development. In sustainable development, progress in any sector is gauged from the quantitative as well as qualitative angles. When sustain ability is applied in agriculture, the development is evaluated not only in terms of the crop and livestock outputs but also in terms of the social, economic and ecological appropriateness of the production processes adopted.