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Krishi Products

  • Amritpani.
  • Kitniyantrak.
  • Vermi compost.

Amrit Pani

The Required Ingredients
  1. Cow Urine of indigenous cow - 20 Lit.
  2. Cow Dung 20 Kg.
  3. Jaggary 250 gm.
Preparation Method
The above ingredients are taken in a big earthen vessel or cement vessel and preserved there for 7-10 days fermentation takes place,bubbles can be seen. The preparation is ready ,should be used mixing with 10 times water i.e. 20 lit of water.
Take one lit of above prepared 'Amritpani' in 200 lit water and sprinkle over the crops. It is sufficient for one acre land. It can be dripped in roots also.
It is crop-preservative disease-resistance, pest repellant, antibacterial, plant protector, fungicidal etc. It helps for the growth of plants.
Utility :
It is useful for all crops. vegetables. fruits etc. It is also useful for saplings of flowers.

Kamdhenu Kitniyantrak

The Required Ingredients
1. Cow-Urine of indigenous Cow - 10 Lit.
2. Green Leaves of Neem (Azadirachta indica) - 2.5 kg.
Preparation Method
2.5 kg. Green neem leaves are to be mixed is 10 lit of Gomutra (cow urine). All neem leaves to be submerged in cow urine in earthen pot and bury it in a pit and keep it in this condition for 21 days. Remove the neem leaves from the pot and transfer the remaining Gomutra (cow urine) to a copper vessel. Boil it in copper vessel till the volume of liquid reduces to 1/4th. Then stop heating. After cooling down filter it and pack as per the requirement.
Mix 1 lit of Kitniyantrak in 100 lit of water and sprinkle on the crop. Spraying is to be done twice in a month or as per requirement. It can be dripped in roots also.
Properties :
It is pest repellant, Fungicidal, Eco-friendly, Pathogenic bactericidal, Harmless to human being.
Useful for all types of crops, Vegetables, Fruits etc.