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Introduction to cow based organic farming

While increase the agricultural production is important the farming system as a whole will also have to satisfy the parameters of sustain ability such as social acceptance, local adaptability, economic viability and ecological soundness.
The farming system and practices adopted in a given situation qualify for social acceptance when they do not embody any component which is likely to be resented by the local community on religious or cultural grounds. The components selected for inclusion most also be compatible with the agro climatic conditions of the locality. Likewise, the production of outputs at the cost of profitability is not a desirable proposition. The profitability of the system will depend on the economic viability of the production technology as well as on the dependable availability of infrastructure for marketing the surplus, if any, at remunerative prices. Similarly. the system becomes ecologically sound when the natural resource base is prudently used through the adoption of non-exploitative production method, In this situation the natural resource base regenerates and agricultural production becomes sustainable over time.

Concept and Definition

(Cow based Organic Farming)
The concept of organic agriculture has been perceived differently by the farmers of the developing and of the least developed countries. To most of the farmers in countries like Indian. it implies the use of organic manures and natural methods of plant protection instead of synthetic fertilizers and plant protection chemicals. It is also regarded by some as fanning involving the combined use of fertilizers and organic manures as nutrient sources as well as of chemicals and natural inputs for plant protection. In all these instances, the concept has been understood only partially and, as such. organic agriculture has not become popular among the farmers as a promising alternative farming system.

Organic agriculture does not imply the simple replacement of synthetic fertilizers and other chemical input with organic inputs and biologically active formulations. Instead, it envisages comprehensive management approach to improve the health and the underlying productivity of the soil. In a healthy soil the biotic and abiotic components covering organic matter including soil. In a healthy soil life mineral particles. soil air and soil water exist in a state of dynamic equilibrium and regulate the ecosystem processes in mutual harmony by complementing and supplementing each other. When the soil is in good health, the population of soil fauna and flora multiples rapidly which in turn will sustain the biochemical processes of dissolution and synthesis at a high pitch. This state of soil life and the associated organic transformations at enhance the regenerative capacity of the soil and make it resilient to absorb the effect of climatic vicissitudes and occasional failures in agronomic management.

The above concept of organic farming or cow based farming is strictly followed at Go-Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra, Deolapar . From vedic period it is believed that "Gomaye Vaste Lakshmi" It means Goddess of wealth resides in Cow Dung. It is true also because enormous wealth can be obtained from cow dung by its proper utilization. At Deolapar we are preparing Vermi Compost, Kitniyantrak and Amritpani from Cowdung and Cow urine. The large number of farmers are using above products. Their experiences show that by using these products, the land has become more fertile which resulted in increase of production. More over the cost wise also it is economical than the chemical fertilizers/Insecticide. At Deolapar, we are getting a very good response to these products. The training camps are organized and complete knowledge regarding preparation of these products is imparted to the farmer, The farmers from various parts of the country are taking advantage of it. Three Gobar gas plant are also in operation at Deolapar. The gas obtained from this plant is used for cooking purposes as well as to tun the transformer in case of electrical failure. Amritpani prepared at Deolapar from Cowurine & Cowdung is supposed to be one of the best protector of field crops .
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