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My village becomes my pilgrimage centre

The real Bharat cannot be understood without understanding the villages. It is not because 70 per cent of our population lives in villages, the fact is that majority of the people living in urban areas too belong to villages. The migration from villages has been going on for long time, but its speed has increased manifold now. The more the influence of modern education is increasing and the traditional means of employment in villages are collapsing the more this migration has been.
The interesting fact is that majority of the people migrated from villages still have maintained links with their villages and the number of the people who have completely settled in cities and have lost total contact from their roots is very low. Majority of the people settled in cities still take their children to their ancestral villages so that they can remain connected with the culture and traditions of their ancestors. There are some people who had migrated to cities in search of employment but now after retirement they have returned to their villages. If the number of such people increases it will be highly beneficial for the development of villages.
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