• Illegal slaughter of cattle
  • Latest modern sceintific research on A1 & A2 milk.
  • Workshops and Training Centre.
  • Check-up camps.
  • Experience of patients suffering from various chronic diseases.

Workshops and Training Centre

The Institution has been successful in proving scientifically the’ Utility of Panchagavya’ in agriculture, human health & animal health. The medicines prepared at Deolapar have the approval of Food & Drug Administration, Govt. of Maharashtra. These medicines are prepared strictly in accordance with the norms set up by Food & Drug Administration.

Training Camps

The Agriculture as well as Panchagavya Chikitsa acitivities performed at Deolapar are not limited to us only but the same is passed on to various farmers. For this, periodically training Camps are arranged. The Farmers from various states of the country are participating in these training camps. So for 10,000 farmers from the country and other countries like Nepal have benefitted through these Camps.
When the Farmers go back to their villages after completing their training, they start similar activities in their areas. This is a great achievement for Go-Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra, Deolapar, Nagpur.