Go Vigyan: The Journey Since 1996

Sunil Mansinghka | 5th May 2019
Go Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra Deolapar is a Research Organization that focuses on different aspects of Cow for Indian. In this article we have listed some of our achievements since our inception in 1996.
Goshala at Go Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra, Deolapar

Go Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra started in year 1996 with a vision to develop Indian Cow based way of life for farmers, agriculture & environment. We are proud when we look back at our journey since then. Even though we are still away for our ultimate objective to make all Indian farmers take a path of cow based organic farming, we are happy we have achieved many things since then. 

A brief introduction of the objectives we achieved

Organic Farming: Go Vigyan has obtained great achievements in the field of organic farming. It has proved that organic farming has given more yield as compared to chemical fertilizer based farming and hugely benefiting in improving fertility of soil.

Training to Farmers: The center has provided training to farmers from different parts of country and turned many of them towards organic farming making it economically viable. This has played great role to bring them in main stream of economy.

Cow Based Lifestyle: At present use of chemicals and fertilizers on large scale is threatening environment and endangering human life. In current scenario conservation of cow is need of society to protect environment and farming for future generation.

Research: The research activities are continuously undergoing in collaboration with various renowned National Research Institutes such as NEERI, IARI, IVRI, VNIT, IICT, CICR, NBRI Institutes of Dermatology and AYUSH Ministry of GoI. We have obtained patients from country like US, China & India.

Ayurved: Go Vigyan has developed many cow product based medicines. These medicines are helpful in ailments like cancer, kidney, etc.

Rural Employment: Go Vigyan currently employs more than 100 people from near by villages. With our efforts, we are sure that the number of people employed with us will increase.

Health Care: A healthcare center for tribal and under privileged villagers is also established at our Training & Research facility at Deolapar & Nagpur.

We have achieved this but have much more to achieve. With support & patronage from many cow lovers in the country we are sure our work will continue and together we reach our final goal.

More articles with details of how we were able to reach this far and more success stories will follow. Please stay with us.

Sunil Mansinghka
Sunil Mansinghka

Sunilji is Chief Coordinator of Go Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra. He is also a member of Animal Welfare Board of India.