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GoVigyan Anusandhan Kendra is dedicated to creating awareness about Indian Cow and resurrect the self-sustaining Bhartiya (Indian) way of farming. We all are aware that environmental degradation is affecting all of us and cannot be wished away. Falling agricultural yields due to over usage of chemical fertilizer is just one example; depleted ground water table being another. Global Warming enthusiasts and sundry Environmentalists are vaguely aware of the problem but seemingly are only interested in stopping Oil and Coal MNC from producing more fossil fuel. As they are aware a conflict with high visibility can only produce publicity and hence money. But what this means that the Environmentalist versus Government fight will always hamper livelihoods of hundreds of thousands. This allows Governments world over to get away and hence Global Warming lobby fails to bring any major change.

We need an approach which addresses the problem at fundamental level, resurrects ecology, does not hamper economic well being and creates new employment opportunities. This is where Bharitya way of farming is different from all other piece meal solutions as it has a holistic approach.Importantly is not dismissive of knowledge passed from generations to generations. And it uses modern scientific methods to evaluate the age old wisdom regarding Farming, Indian Cow and it's criticality for sustenance of healthy human life.

To start with, 63 acres of land was acquired with financial help from few well-wishers. Few hundreds of cows who were abandoned either due to old age or had stopped producing milk cows were provided with shed and comfortable living conditions. This helped us achieve two basic purposes. First of course, was to protect Cows from getting slaughtered. But the second purpose with which this was done is at the heart of the project. The people running GoVigyan knew that The Cow Urine (GoMutra) and Cow Dung (GoMay) produced by these genteel bovine friends held key to bright future of farmers in distress. And 20 years on when we look back, we are happy to say that we have been proven right.
For last 3 decades or so there has slow but sure increase in awareness about vitality of Indian cow to overall environment. Which has indirectly helped us to save thousands of cows from being killed. And this facility at Deolapar has provided a home to them. Out of those few thousands at present we are taking care of only 500 odd Cows and the balance were handed over to hundreds of farmers (After completing due legal process) who were willing to take care. With this activity, not only Cows were saved and but those Cows have helped us to create a highly profitable Farming venture! And that too without use of any chemical fertilisers! And most importantly the farmers who had taken Cows from us (Along with 5 day training) have reported excellent results. Most of these non-milking Cows have proved to of great utility for them. And as actively propagated by us, for Rural economy, a non-milking cow is almost as useful as a milking one.
Till date we have trained 10000 plus farmers at Deolapar on Organic Farming and on how to manufacture Cow based products. And it has helped many farmers who were in financial distress to start making money again. We are aware that only one Center like GoVigyan Deolapar will not be able to make any significant difference to the current scenario of agrarian distress and overall environmental degradation. But we are confident that the thousands of farmers who have undergone the training at our center will put Organic Farming practices to best use and take the message forward.

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