Cow Based Organic Farming

Since ancient times Indian farming has revolved around cow and its products. Our farming experts of those times developed a way of cultivating farms that was completely in sync with nature. Mother Earth was also generous with the then farmers as they gave back as much as they extracted from her. This changed after Indian independence. Indian government started promoting use of chemical fertilizers and Indian farmers gave away the traditional way of farming. Agriculture in India has always been organic even before the organic farming got its name.

As our primary objective at Go Vigyan, we decided to spread awareness about cow based organic farming and bring all Indian farmers back to cow way of life. We believed in the ancient knowledge about farming system left to us by our forefathers but belief was not enough for us. We decided to take scientific approach and look upon the knowledge from research point of view. We wanted to prove it to ourselves before we could spread the word. We started using age old knowledge and applied modern scientific methods to develop agriculture at our farms. The results that we got were stunning and underlined the importance of cow & its products for farming. Modern scientific ways endorsed the age old way of Indian farming.

Today Go Vigyan is spread across 65 Acres of farm land in Deolapar. These farms are cultivated to take multiple crops in a year. All our agriculture is Cow based Organic Farming and provides healthy & tasty crops all around the year. Go Vigyan’s Deolapar facility is home to almost 5000 visitors in a year. We are able to grow our crops that are sufficient to feed all our guests. We have revolutionized farming and are able grow more crops at very less price. As compared to prevailing concept of chemicals based farming, our input cost for same or at time more yield is close to negligible.

We invite everyone to visit our Organic Farms of Go Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra in Deolapar village of Nagpur district. Our kendra provides facility to stay along with lunch & dinner with organic food produced at our farms.

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