Research on Cow & Cow Products - गौ और गौ उत्पादों पर अनुसंधान

Go Vigyan is on a mission to establish the importance of cow and its products with scientific methods known today. We take pride in our research activities which involve finding solutions form cow products for humans, agriculture, environment & ecology.

Few of the research projects done by Go Vigyan are
•    Research on Cow Milk – A Preventive, Promotive and Curative Approach
•    Evaluation of an indigenous technology product Kamdhenu against pathogens of soil borne diseases
•    Research Work Done on Godugdha
•    Research Work Done on Goghrita
•    Research Work Done on Gomaya Preparations
•    Research Work Done on Gotakra Preparations
•    Research Work Done on Urine Therapy

Our research work provided us amazing results. Our faith in cow was endorsed once again. It was not only us who were impressed with the results but the entire world had to take notice of our research. US & China governments have awarded us Patents for our research on Cow Urine as medicines for humans.

Patents held by Go Vigyan are
•    US patent No 6410059- for Antibiotic Anti Fungal, Bio enhancer effect of Gomutra
•    US Patent No. 6896907 - For Anti Allergic, Anti infective, Nutrient & Anti-cancer
•    US Patent No. 7718360- For Anti Oxidant, Apoptosis
•    US Patent No. 7235262- For cow urine distillate as a Bio-enhancer of Anti-infective, Anti-cancer agents & Nutrients
•    China Patent No. 100475221- For protecting and/or repairing DNA from oxidative damages
•    US Patent No. 7297659- For synergistic fermented plant growth promoting, bio-control composition

We are currently working on many other such projects. With our research activities, we will continue our efforts to find ways to make earth a better place. You are welcome to join our team if you are interested to participate in our research work.

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