Cow Based Fertilizer – गो आधारित उर्वरक - अमृतपानी

Indian soil is one of the most fertile soils in the world as it has high content of microbes, which are sustained through usage of dung compost. Cow dung compost is used in India for ages to enhance natural health of soil. Soil food web feeds on this compost and promotes natural growth of essential microbes. The long lasting effect of adding compost is that it creates nutrients rich soil essential for growth of plants. Extensive use of dung compost over years has always benefitted Indian farming system as it not only enhances the health of soil but also act as fertilizers for plants.

While compost is used to increase natural health of soil, fertilizers are externally added to soil to act like growth boosters for plants. Fertilizers are full of nutrients that are essential for growth of plants. Fertilizer specifically targets the needs of plant and thus enables their fast growth. They remove the deficiencies and enrich plants with nutrients like potassium, magnesium, calcium & phosphorus.

Grasping this profit making opportunity, companies have developed many fertilizers with different chemical combinations. With brilliant marketing techniques, farmers were lured to use chemical fertilizers. Using these fertilizers helped farmers in initial years. Indian farmers bypassed the traditional compost-fertilizers way of farming & started extensive use of artificially produced chemicals. In long run, Indian farmers are facing their biggest crisis as their yield has gone done. When GoVigyan tried to identify the reasons behind this we found that

  1. Overuse of chemical fertilizers have disturbed the microbial flora of soil. While chemical fertilizers enhance the growth of plants they do not feed the soil food web. This eventually deteriorated the soil health as microbes starved to death.

  2. Overuse of chemical fertilizers have resulted in polluting the surrounding environment. Chemicals unabsorbed by plants remain in soil and are washed during rains. They are mixed in nearby lake or pond with the stream of water. The chemicals contaminate the water and settle in water body as they cannot be consumed by the creatures

We at Go Vigyan have developed an effective solution to produce fertilizers for farmers. We call it Amrit Pani - अमृतपानी. Amrit Pani is prepared with cow dung, cow urine & jaggery (गुड़). It provides following benefits for farmers

  1. Cost Effective: As major ingredients in Amrit Pani are cow dung & cow urine it is available for free for farmers. Jaggery is available in ample quantity and is very cheap as compared to chemical fertilizers. This makes Amrit Pani a very cheap & effective alternative to chemical fertilizers for farmers

  2. Natural & Organic: Nutrients provided by Amrit Pani are 100% natural & organic substances. This does not cause any harm to humans

  3. Improves Soil Health: Amrit Pani being a fertilizer not only boosts plant growth but it also maintains the soil balance. Entire in-soil food chain can be fed with Amrit Pani thus improving soil health

  4. Safe for Environment: Ingredients of Amrit Pani are consumable by plants & water creatures, making it safe for environment

It is thus very important for farmers to produce Amrit Pani, virtually at zero cost, and boost not only the yield but also enhance soil health.

We have developed a Training Program for Cow Based Farming in our facility at Deolapar, Nagpur. Farmers can participate in this 5 day residential training and learn various scientific aspects of cow based farming including Amrit Pani.

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