Cow Based Insect Controller

Indian belief system stands upon the pillars of जीव दया - Compassion towards all living beings. This includes fellow humans, animals and even insects & pests. At Go Vigyan, we have built our philosophy on the same principles of जीव दया.

Insecticides developed by West, are combinations of different chemicals. These chemical insecticides are treated poisons & are meant to kill insects. These are poisonous not only for insects but also hazardous for human consumption if consumed in excess levels. Side effects of excessive use of such chemical poisonous insecticides are very dangerous have already started showing.

Some of the side effects are

  1. Immunity of Insects: As these are poisonous substances, insects naturally develop their immunity towards the effects of the insecticides. This leads to increase the use of such substances and in cases make the insecticides more lethal.

  2. Killing Soil Flora: All that is sprayed does not land on the plant and lot is deposited in the soil. These poisonous chemicals then kill the flora in the soil making it less fertile.

  3. Hazardous for Humans & Animals: Insecticides, when sprayed over, are absorbed by leaves & fruits. Such leaves & fruits are consumed by animals and can be fatal for them. This adversely affects ecology. It is equally dangerous for consumption of human beings and hazardous effects are already showing in some parts of the world

  4. Disturbs Environment: Insecticide that lands on soil after spraying kills the flora and remains in the soil. During rains, it is dissolved in the water and flows with it to the nearest pond or river. This further harms the ecology as it kills the fish & other life there.

After considering such long lasting hazardous effects of chemical fertilizers for all living beings, we at Go Vigyan decided to develop a product that will not kill any insects and also will be totally safe for human & animal consumption. We took this as a challenge and our researchers came up with a solution; Cow Based Insect Controller – गो आधारित कीट नियंत्रक.

With Go Vigyan’s scientifically proven methodology farmers can produce this insect controller and all they require is a shade, cow urine, earthen pots & neem leaves. This cow based insect controller is completely natural & organic in nature.

  1. Cost Effective: This insect controller is produced with cow urine & neem leaves. These ingredients are available in abundance and virtually free. This brings the input costs for farmers considerably down.

  2. Natural & Organic: Cow Based Insect Controller is completely natural and does not have any hazardous chemical substances

  3. Insect Controller Not Killer: Insects refrain themselves from eating anything that is coated with neem. This does not kill them but makes them find some different food for themselves

  4. Non-Hazardous: Neem & cow urine are proved to be good for human consumption, so even if this mixture is absorbed by fruits & leaves, it is beneficial for humans & animals alike

  5. Eco Friendly: This cow based insect controller does not kill flora in soil and nor does it cause any adverse effects to the ecology of nearby pond or river stream.

Thus it is thus extremely important for farmers to learn and produce this cow based insect controller in their farms and increase yield and save input costs.

We have developed a Cow Based Organic Farming Training program in our facility at Devlapar, Nagpur. Farmers can participate in this 5 day residential training and learn various scientific aspects of organic farming including vermi-compost.

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