How to Produce Vermi Compost - केंचुआ खाद

Since ancient times Indian farming system is considered to be the most sustainable and in-sync-with-nature way to cultivate lands. Indian farmers have always found ways to increase production without compromising on ecology & environmental balance. They used cow dung, cow urine & other organic waste products to improve the fertility of soil and take multiple crops.

Since the introduction of chemical fertilizers productivity of soil has gone down. This has happened because the microbial flora of the soil is disturbed and the presence of essential bacteria in the soil has diminished. One example of disturbed soil structure is EARTHWORMS. earthworms which were so much in abundance till some time back, are no-where to be seen in farm lands. They are considered to be the best friends of farmers as they play an important role to stimulate microbial activity inside the soil. They provide bacterial load that is extremely helpful for growth of plants.

Farmers sidelined this simple fact and started using chemical fertilizers and stopped the use of cow dung & cow urine in farms. Earthworms were starved to death for short of organic materials on which they fed. Use of chemical fertilizers initially increased the yield but deteriorated the quality of soil and eventually the yield. This is a major reason of distress for farmers as the production cost, with chemical fertilizers, increases every year to maintain the same yield.


How can Indian farmers increase the fertility of soil without increasing the cost?

When the soil balance is disturbed and no earthworms to be seen, how can in-soil bacterial load sustain?

When earth cannot propagate microbial activity and cannot produce enough in-soil flora, what is the way ahead?

All these questions have One Solution: Vermi-Compost.

Vermi-compost, commonly known as केंचुआ खाद in India, is a natural manure produced by earthworms. Vermi-compost is the excreta of earthworms when they are fed on cow dung & other farm waste. This excreta is purely organic and is rich in bacterial load, bacteria that is most important to provide essential nutrition to plants.  

We at Go Vigyan have developed a scientific method to produce vermi-compost in farms. All you need is an Indian cow, earthworms, water and a trench in shadow. Vermi-compost is produced by mixing cow dung, cow urine & farm waste in the trench and then let the earthworms relish on it. The manure so produced answers all 3 above mentioned questions for the farmers

  1. As it is produced from waste (cow, dung, cow urine & farm waste) it has practically zero input cost

  2. Even though the soil to be cultivated does not have worms we can use worms externally and produce this manure

  3. Even if soil does not have microbial activity this externally added manure can restore the balance

We have developed a Cow Based Organic Farming Training program in our facility at Deolapar, Nagpur. Farmers can participate in this 5 day residential training and learn various scientific aspects of organic farming including vermi-compost.

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